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Kit Bague Support universel Olixar pour smartphone Avis

Lorsqu'il s'agit de positionner votre smartphone sur votre bureau, sur l'appui-tête de votre véhicule, le Kit Bague Support universel Olixar est tout simplement parfait et polyvalent pour s'adapter à chaque situation. Optez pour ce kit Bague Support universel pour les gouverner tous ! L'utilisation de votre smartphone sera ainsi plus intuitive et plus sécurisée que jamais.
  • Réf. Mobile Fun 62078

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  • Overall Satisfaction
What happened to the loop that used to be attached to your mobile phone?
Ever wondered what it would be like to lose one of your most treasured possessions. Only when you lose a mobile phone do you realise how much you depend on it and what it contains. Thus unobtrusive loop provides added security and if you add a 'ski pass' string to it you will know when you have left it behind on the seat.
Zair Berry 21st January 2017
Olixar Smart Loop London
  • Overall Satisfaction
How did I ever manage without this before ?
Would you believe I bought smart loop because I spend a lot of time in the bath ?....I was always concerned that one day I would drop my phone in the water, but not any more !

Fantastic product, especially when using the other two attachments supplied. I drive quite a lot of different vehicles, and find the loop perfect for hanging in various places in different vehicles in order to facilitate using the Sat Nav on my phone, and thereby keeping the screen and voice in close proximity. Have already recommended this product numerous times to colleagues, and will continue to do so !....5 Stars ?...I'd give it 10 !
Geoff Hardman 9th January 2017
Galaxy Note 3 Bolton
  • Overall Satisfaction
Does what it says on the tin!
I bought 2 of these one for the wife and myself. Really bought it to use in the car as a holder on the dash. I can then safely see stuff coming in and use the navigations apps. Sticky pads seem to be holding well but need to think carefully where you locate the holder as once used it will be difficult to re-locate. Not used the other 2 components as yet. All in all a good well made productproduct
Phil Bridle 3rd January 2017
Microsoft Windows XL phone West Country
  • Overall Satisfaction
Buy two, once you have this you will need the extra hooks on which to park your phone, the extra ring will go on your next upgrade, and get a second cover for your phone, so that on those rare occasions that you want 'sleek' you can change the cover. Once that loop is on, you won't easily get it off!

Don't listen to the 'Ooooh I want my phone sleek!' brigade.

Sit back and smile smugly to yourself as their I-phone oop-de-doop slips through their fingers and smashes to bits on the concrete floor!
Fay Presto 29th December 2016
Windows phone London
  • Overall Satisfaction
Phone holder/grip
Now I don't need to worry about dropping my phone. The added desk holder and hook for the car is a bonus.
ALISTAIR BRUCE 1st March 2017
Samsung galaxy s6 Derbyshire
  • Overall Satisfaction
Great product!
I love this! The ring allows me to hold my phone without accidentally touching the edge of my Samsung Galaxy S 6 edge.
Erin ORourke-Brady 28th February 2017
Olixar Smart Loop Universal Smartphone Mount & Stand Kit California USA
  • Overall Satisfaction
Finger Ring
Excellent finger ring for your mobile ..Can highly recommend this product .. very easy to fit . Very secure ..5 star all the way ..
David Crookshanks 3rd April 2017
Motorola G4 plus Northern Ireland
  • Overall Satisfaction
Wouldn't want to no have it but could be better
It's funny that I would really miss this tiny add on if I no longer had it even after a few days use. What is nice is that the unit is fairly slimline and does not add too much bulk and that if you do need to detach and reattach the pad of the main part it sticks fast.

However, the actual ring feels loose after a short amount of use and concerned it'll continue to loosen. Tried to remove the sticky pad to see if their was a screw but it's a rivet. The car attachement is not very sticky and fell off the dash after one day.

Will probably buy another for my other device or search for one that is better made.
  • Overall Satisfaction
Thought I'd use this in the car but, having fitted it, i use it whenever i use the phone. As a stand, as a hook, for stability etc. It means holding a large phone one handed is now completely secure. The ring adds a little thickness but not much. More have been bought for the rest of the family.
Normie99 18th March 2017
Olixar Smart Loop Windsor
  • Overall Satisfaction
Excellent gadget !
Very handy.. Phone feels safer to hold, and works well in (car)stand to use with maps on iPhone!

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