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Housse Waterproof Universelle DiCAPac Smartphone jusqu’à 5.7’’ – Bleue Avis

Le DiCAPac 100% universel vous permettra de protéger et utiliser votre mobile près de l’eau et même sous l’eau.
  • Réf. Mobile Fun 45618

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  • Overall Satisfaction
Love this waterproof case! Wasn't sure if it would fit my phone but it's perfect. It floats too, which is a bonus. I can easily operate the phone through the cover so don't need to take it out to take photo's. Can attach it to my rucksack with a carabiner (which wasn't supplied but that's a minor issue). Comes with a neck strap. I'm well impressed!!!
lynda everitt 15th January 2016
hauwei p8 bridgend, south wales
  • Overall Satisfaction
Submerged but didnt sink ;)
Firstly i want to say its incredible ... apparently these types of cases aren't meant for salt water (I dont remember seeing that). But i would like to point out this is the single most amazing case I've ever used for underwater I used this in Egypt to take photos of the marine life in the Red Sea ... DIDN'T let in a single drop of water or condensation, floated as described, the neck strap is a perfect length if you want it floating behind you. Truly Amazing highly recommend... quick tip if your unsure about doing it seriously consider putting in some toilet tissue first before you take your phone in it... Buy this product i can guarantee your photos will still look good but also protection and memories for you and your phone.
  • Overall Satisfaction
So far so good ;)
Hopefully I can add to it later but from what I have tested (put tissue paper in first then drowned it in a deep sink of water) end result perfection but we will see when I put my phone in it - firstly even with my chunky case it fits perfectly works perfect hopefully this stays working when I put my phone in it in Egypt tomorrow can't wait to get some photos of the fish!! But yea it fits even with chunky case also keeps the tissue dry! Not even humidity lovely !!
Steven Bright 13th June 2015
Galaxy Note 4 Stafford
  • Overall Satisfaction
Make sure your phone Doesn't have a screen Protector.
I just used this on my holiday, and it was very helpful. I managed to get some great under water videos and pics. The only issue I had with it was that I had a screen protector and it got stuck to the inside of the plastic case. I had to rip the screen Proctector off to get it out. Besides that it work amazingly well. It also had room for my cash card and and currency that I had with me.
Navid 11th May 2015
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Surrey
  • Overall Satisfaction
fab product, good value
fab product, good value for money, delivery & service impeccable
Mandy Reeves 30th November 2014
samsung galaxy s5 birmingham
  • Overall Satisfaction
Buen producto
Buen producto
  • Overall Satisfaction
Works perfectly
I bought this for my Google Nexus 5. I used it on holiday in Bali and took lots of pictures when swimming in rockpools.

The phone stayed nice and dry, I was even able to take some great underwater pictures as well.

It is definitely worth the money. You can't see on the pics that the phone was in the case.

The case provides a peace of mind that your phone won't be damaged by sand or water.

The whole thing floats as well.

You can still use the buttons when it is in the pouch.

Only small thing is that sometimes swiping the screen isn't working perfectly. But this is only a minor annoyance.

My partner was a sceptic but has been totally won over.
  • Overall Satisfaction
Good to have in he rain!
I bought this because I spend a lot of time in what may be described as a hardcore environment... wild tropical rainforest...and I need the protection from both the high amount of rain and from the physical activity involved. My only concern will be to see how well the viewing window holds up in a relatively unkind environment. That it could function as an underwater housing for use out on the reef is a bonus for me!
Joe 24th February 2016
Samsung Galaxy J2 Atlanta
  • Overall Satisfaction
Fast delivery, good product
Very impressed with speed and cost of delivery from the UK.

Have only tested in sink so far, but impressed with results!
  • Overall Satisfaction
Work as expected
Water proof and float with phone, as expected.
  • Overall Satisfaction
Alles wie es muss
Hat alles gut geklappt.
  • Overall Satisfaction
good product
This is a good product and works well
  • Overall Satisfaction
scheint zu funktionieren
Ich konnte es kaum glauben, aber das Handy bleibt in der Hülle wirklich bedienbar. Lediglich die Knöpfe an der Seite sind schwer zu nutzen.
  • Overall Satisfaction
DiCAPac Universal Waterproof Case for Smartphones up to 5.7" - Green
very useful
  • Overall Satisfaction
the best
i used this phone protection already and now I bought 2 more for my friend. It's really very good protection for your phone when you swim with your phone in the rivers , pools or ocean. I recommend to everybody this product . Very well made and very safe. I just cannot believe it that I was in the water with my phone and was not wet. Thanks to the people making this phone protection . Congrats. Very good job.
  • Overall Satisfaction
Fantastic devise! Fantastic service! Fantastically fast shipping!
  • Overall Satisfaction
Everything was fast and got exactly what I wanted!

  • Overall Satisfaction
Pretty good
It's definitely water proof, it has a zip lock type opening and then the top gets folded down a few times and velcro'd down as well so definitely no doubts about that part. The only thing really is that the screen sometimes is hard to touch, as in, it sometimes doesn't respond to touch through the plastic. Generally good, served it's purpose for photography in a wet slushy environment but could be a little more suitable for the touch screen.
  • Overall Satisfaction
No problems
Great case. Got it for camp in Vermont. Does its job right. Comes in handy during surprise rain storms.
  • Overall Satisfaction
Es ein Geschenk und
es entsprach dem, was ich der Artikelbeschreibung entnehmen konnte. Den vorgeschriebenenTest vor der Nutzung hat die wasserdichte SmartphoneHülle bestanden, und ich hoffe, dass wir beim Segeln das Smartphone nicht wässern müssen.
  • Overall Satisfaction
Waterproof and floats
I loved that it was waterproof and that it floated. I used it to go snorkeling. My smartphone has a screen protector so I was not able to used it while in the case(pouch). I wanted to take pictures underwater but was not able to. I hung it around my neck and when I was swimming it was in my way because it floated. It kept hitting my throat. I loved that I was able to go on the water slides with it. It also puffed up like a ballon. It might have been the humidity. I don't know.
Else 29th September 2016
DiCAPac Universal waterproof Case for smartphone San Diego
  • Overall Satisfaction
Great Product
We needed a waterproof case for a range of activities including when we are out on the motorbike using our phone as a satnav on quiet country back roads (my wife follows the instructions and tells me when to go left, right etc.). The neck strap is great and removes the anxiety of dropping the phone. Really seems to be a great product. Be careful when ordering that you get the right size case for the size of your phone.
  • Overall Satisfaction
Sturdy case, very waterproof as described. Excellent quality
Susan Jackson 13th September 2016
Di cap waterproof case Cumbria
  • Overall Satisfaction
Not as expected
The product is bulky but does not look like that in the picture,it wasn't really what I wanted.If you are an avid trekker then this may be for you---it comes with a neck strap and is totally waterproof so ideal--but I wanted something for my pocket. Would have helped if the description had included the fact it came with the neck strap etc
  • Overall Satisfaction
fabulous product!
This is a great product - I can even fit my phone in with its tough case on. Now I have no worries about my phone surviving my travel experiences, no matter where I go.

The phone is easy to operate within the case - the only potential problem being access to the buttons on the side, but just needs a bit more persistence and all is fine.

The only criticism I have is that the lanyard colour doesn't match the case - but that's just me being nit-picky.

Thanks so much for a great, well thought-out product!!!
  • Overall Satisfaction
Guter Handyschutz
Die wasserdichte Schutzhülle ist optimal für alle Aktivitäten draussen geeignet, der kleine Schutz für drinnen. Größe und Passform bestens.Versand und Information gut.
  • Overall Satisfaction
It is good for a lot of devices. Is fit perfectly with s7 edge,s5,p9 lite
Mihai Andrei Ghitescu 30th December 2016
huawei p9 lite ilford
  • Overall Satisfaction
Tempered protective Glass arrived cracked
Olixar Tree Frog Ultra -Grip was not what I ordered, I had ordered: ArmourDilo Samsung Galaxy J5 protective case.

  • Overall Satisfaction
waterproof holder, fantastic.
the tempered glass, arrived cracked, broken........unable to be used.....for my Samsung Galaxy J5.......

the third item was not what I ordered, I had ordered Samsung Galaxy J5 protective case. Instead what was sent was an Olixar Ultra Grip Dashboard pad, that I did not order. This product does not grip in my Ford Ranger UTE

on the dashboard. Can you you help me please. ?
frank 24th November 2016
Ascotvale,vic. Australia
  • Overall Satisfaction
Superior Waterproof Case
This is one of the best waterproof cases I have seen on the market here in the USA. It is pure quality and I can trust that it works to protect my Samsung Galaxy S6 and Alcatel Idol S4 phones. It has just the right amount of room to fit the phone and some extra room to spare to place and remove them easily. The clarity is superb. I can operate all functions of the phone when it's in this case. The camera lens/flash fit perfectly in the clear section on the back of case. I can hear AND be heard crystal clear when my phone is in it's case. I am most impressed with is the design and the concept of the case being totally waterproof. Easy to get the phones in and out through the zip-lock at the top. To have the first section of vinyl roll up then Velcro sealed and next, fold over the vinyl and seal the Velcro strip is pure genius. The strap that comes with it works great too.

It is definitely going to protect my phones. Fantastic product. I highly recommend this to everyone who wants to have their phones around water.

Lisa 4th April 2017
Samsung Galaxy S6 Clinton Township, MI
  • Overall Satisfaction
Unfortunately the case is ONLY good for taking photos underwater
I needed a case for an Alcatel & Giggled just that. This one came up & being waterproof I jumped on it. Unfortunately the case is ONLY good for taking photos underwater - it is completely useless for making phone calls.
Jill Marshall Campbell 24th March 2017
North Lanarkshire

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